Betaal met miles - VS (2024)

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Program is limited to Basic (not Additional) Card Members. New Card Members are eligible to use Pay with Miles upon receipt of their Card. Eligible only on Delta and Delta Connection® carrier-operated and ticketed flights booked at Not available on other codeshare flights. Eligible flights for this program will be marked as Pay with Miles eligible. Miles redemptions must be in 5,000 mile increments, with a minimum of 5,000 miles for redemption, and the number of miles redeemed will be rounded up to the nearest 5,000 mile increment, as applicable. Use your Card to pay for the remaining ticket price when using Pay with Miles. Five thousand miles generally provides $50 of value. However, you may receive less value per mile if the cost of a ticket you choose to cover entirely with miles is not a multiple of $50. Qualifying Pay with Miles tickets will earn miles only on the portion of the base fare and carrier-imposed surcharges that is paid in currency, but will not earn on amounts paid using miles. Pay with Miles tickets will earn Medallion Qualification Dollars on (a) the portion of the base fare and carrier-imposed surcharges paid in currency on a 1:1 basis and (b) the portion of the base fare and carrier-imposed surcharges paid in miles based on the number of miles used for payment divided by 100. Basic Economy fares do not earn miles or earn toward Medallion Status. Mileage redemption will be applied toward the base fare and carrier-imposed surcharges prior to being applied toward taxes and fees.


Available only on original tickets booked at All flights in the itinerary must be eligible in order to use the Pay with Miles option. The amount of miles that can be used on a Pay with Miles redemption are based on the SkyMiles member's account balance. No cash will be paid to or credited back to the Member and no miles will be credited back to the Member's SkyMiles account due to minimum mile redemption requirements and minimum mile redemption increments. Not combinable with certificates, eCredits, vouchers, or with any other discounts. Tickets purchased with full or partial Pay with Miles redemptions are eligible for Global or Regional Upgrade Certificates but not eligible for mileage upgrades.

Pay with Miles tickets are not eligible for Best Fare Guarantee. Pay with Miles tickets may not be combined with any other forms of mileage redemption, such as Award Travel tickets. Medallion Complimentary Upgrades on Pay with Miles tickets are subject to availability and may not be eligible on all flights.

Blackout Dates:

No blackouts means that Pay with Miles can be used for any eligible flight available at on any day of the year. No inventory restriction means that Pay with Miles can be used for any open seat on any eligible domestic or international flight available at


Taxes and fees payable with Pay with Miles include only U.S. excise and departure/arrival taxes, airport charges, segment fees, the September 11th Security Fee, and international taxes and fees normally included in the fare. Change fees and other fees are not eligible to be paid with the Pay with Miles benefit.


Except for tickets refunded under Delta's Risk Free Cancellation policy, miles redeemed with Pay with Miles cannot be re-deposited in the member's SkyMiles Account — even for fully refundable fares. Residual value for a changed or canceled ticket will be issued as an e-certificate applicable to future Delta purchases. In the event of a valid ticket cancellation under Delta's Risk Free Cancellation policy, the Pay with Miles portion of the fare will be redeposited into the member's SkyMiles account and the paid portion of the fare will be credited back to the credit card.


Any miles you use will be automatically and permanently deducted from your SkyMiles account at the time of the redemption. Except for mileage accrual, upgrades, and form of refund for refundable fares, all other fare rules for the ticket purchased apply. Alle SkyMiles-programmaregels zijn van toepassing op SkyMiles-programmalidmaatschap, miles, aanbiedingen, opbouw van miles, verzilvering van miles en reisvoordelen. To review the rules, please visit Program Rules. Offers are void where prohibited by law. Offers are subject to change without notice. Other restrictions apply.

Betaal met miles - VS (2024)
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